Source code for fussy.pack

#! /usr/bin/env python
"""Bundle a package as a signed firmware for installation/redistribution
import tempfile, subprocess, os, sys, datetime, glob
from optparse import OptionParser


[docs]def pack( root_dir, excludes=None, encrypt_for=None ): """Bundle directory into a firmware file... * root_dir -- directory to be packed into the firmware, the :func:`os.path.basename` of this directory will be the name used in the created bundle filename and the directory installed into the target on client machines * excludes -- patterns to exclude from the firmware image (passed to :command:`tar` during packing) * encrypt_for -- if specified also encrypts for the given key, should be the key ID, fingerprint, or (unique) email returns absolute filename for generated gpg firmware (created in a temporary directory) """ temp_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix='fussy-',suffix='-pack') firmware_name = os.path.basename( root_dir ) if firmware_name == 'current': raise RuntimeError( 'Cannot create a firmware named "current"') tar_name = firmware_name+ '.tar.gz' tar_file = os.path.join( temp_dir, tar_name ) gpg_file = tar_file + '.gpg' command = [ 'tar','-zcf', tar_file, ] + [ '--exclude=%s'%(x,) for x in ((excludes or []) + DEFAULT_EXCLUDES) ] + [os.path.basename(root_dir)] subprocess.check_call( command, cwd=os.path.dirname( os.path.abspath(root_dir) ) ) if encrypt_for: subprocess.check_call( [ 'gpg', '-se', '-r', encrypt_for, tar_file] ) else: subprocess.check_call( [ 'gpg', '--sign', tar_file] ) assert os.path.exists( gpg_file ) os.remove( tar_file ) return gpg_file
[docs]def get_options(): """Produces the OptionParser for :func:main""" parser = OptionParser() parser.add_option( '-x','--exclude', dest='exclude', action="append", type="string", help="Paths/patterns to exclude from the archive", ) parser.add_option( '-r','--root', dest = 'root', default='firmware', type="string", help="The directory to be packed for distribution, should be a versioned/unique name, for instance including a human-readable timestamp", ) parser.add_option( '-e','--encrypt-for', dest = 'encrypt', action="store", type="string", help="The name of the key for which to encrypt (otherwise just sign)", ) return parser
[docs]def main(): """Main function for the packing script""" options,args = get_options().parse_args() gpg_file = pack( options.root, options.exclude, options.encrypt ) print gpg_file return 0

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